How to contact us:

If you are doing very early planning.... may send a general request by filling in the form on this page. In your request you should include which shared home (address), you wish to rent, your budget limit for renting (including electricity, Internett and furniture), your age and full name, a link to your Facebook- or LinkedIn profile, some words about your occupation while you will stay in Oslo, when you want to start renting and for how long (minimum until 15th August). You may send such application long before you need the room. FIDAN will then try to offer you a room in a shared home that has still not been advertised. Any lease contract  that starts in July/August that has been signed before May 1st, will have the same rent price as for the current renting year. After May 1st, the renting prices will be adjusted.
If you need a room in a shared home now (or shortly).... should go to our advertisements on and find a room there. Only shared homes with available rooms are advertised. Print "Fidan" in the search field on, and you will get a list of all the rooms currently available in our portfolio.

Thank you. Your message has been received. We will get back to you shortly.