About us


FIDAN Realestate has rented private rooms in shared homes in Central Oslo since 2001. We have no other types of rental homes. Our values are safety, order and quality.

This is "quality" to us:

  • good and well functioning private rooms and common areas
  • calm, cool and nice people to live with
  • stability, calmness and order in the shared home
  • easy for you, the tenant - move in with only your own linens, clothes and personal belongings
  • quick and good service from us
  • 100% seriousness and reliability is given and expected
To ensure good tenants, stability, cooperation and mutual trust internally in our shared homes, FIDAN strives to keep a renting cycle that starts and ends in august/september every year. The minimum rent period is normally one year, and normally from and to 15/8 or 31/8. If the renting period starts later than August, the minimum renting period will be shorter (until 15/8 or 31/8). The maximum renting period is normally three years. If a tenant gets into an unexpected and difficult situation, the contract may be terminated during the first 12 months on the following conditions: 
1) A new tenant has signed a contract to start renting from the same date as the current tenant terminates her/his lease.
2) The current tenant signs an agreement to pay an early termination fee of 1 1/2 month´s rent.
The deposit is normally three times the monthly rent and shall be established on a deposit account in the name of the tenant or as a deposit guarantee. If the tenant is not able to establish any such security before taking over the room, the deposit shall temporarily be transferred to the Landlord´s rent account.
The rent shall be paid in advance, so that it is visible in the Landlord´s account no later than the 1st of every month. For 2018, the average rent has been NOK 7.300 pr month, including electricity, Internet and furniture/equipment (large items).